What We Offer

An alternative approach to standard classroom learning.

Labs and Workshops

Project based, constructivist, self-guided learning

Learners get to explore exciting topics in a way that doesn’t feel like they are following a curriculum.  We design science labs and language arts workshops to be engaging, interactive projects.  LOFT gives students minimally structured time to turn these lessons into action. Students use this space to explore Essential Questions in any way their passion guides them.

Units culminate in presentations of learning in which the LOFT community of learners, teacher-coaches, and family members learn about and ponders these essential questions together.

Project-based learning in small groups has been shown to be an effective way of retaining information by relating new ideas to ones already mastered.  The Loft believes that by creating a compassionate learning environment we can help kids find a love for Science, Technology, Writing, Art and Math that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Middle School Cohort

Project based, constructivist, self-guided learning

The Middle School Cohort is an engaging, project based, academic program designed to develop critical thinkers and learners while expanding social skills during these early teenage years.

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One-To-One Tutoring

Tailored to boost the needs of your child in all disciplines

One-to-one instruction has dual goals of teaching new skills (such as traditional academic skills, social/emotional, cooking, art classes) and providing coaching and structure to exploration of individual passions. LOFT facilitators coach students through turning their natural passions and curiosities into  “entry points” for diving deeper into content and developing cognitive abilities.

  • Reading and writing instruction at all levels
  • Math – basic foundation and advanced
  • Cooking
  • Performance and Presentations
  • Spanish
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Book Club

Keeping the classics relevant and exciting!

Book Club will follow a selected piece of literature that interests ‘members’ of the club. Each week we will meet and discuss themes, characters and, special issues that pique interest. 

Book club will target classics and works that align with the student grade level and common core recommendations.

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Seasonal Camps

About our camps

Summer is a time for fun and travel, but it can also be a time to learn. Our camps are a great way to keep your kiddo engaged in the lessons that they’ve learned throughout the year while still playing with friends in our comfortable El Segundo space! In addition, we will be running one-to-one tutoring in all academic areas, all summer long! Please call to inquire and to sign up your child at: (310) 707.8538.

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