Distance Learning

Real time, At the time, The whole time!

The LOFT: Your COVID-19 distance learning experts

A quality enrichment experience should not be an unknown.

LOFT increases student virtual engagement by:

  • Real-time support at the time of instruction
  • Supporting virtual peer-led breakout rooms
  • Supporting the true collaborative spirit inherent in all children
  • Engaging and interactive lesson plans
  • Differentiated instruction to meet students learning level

We all know learning is an essential part of our children’s lives.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 we have expanded our scope and sequence to make classes dynamic, engaging, and interactive. Our long-standing philosophy of small-group instruction is a natural solution to many of the challenges distance learning presents. With fewer kids in class, there is more support given to their academic needs.

The LOFT is committed to reducing student & family on-line frustration by:

  • Readily available teachers and administrators in real time
  • Clear assignments online, through google software with minimal printing at home
  • Consistent social/emotional connections with peers and adults
  • Continuing to offer both small group and one-to-one tutoring in all academic areas
  • Organized ‘one-click’ access into our Google Classrooms
  • Allowing parents to see student work for personal and documentation purposes.
  • Support setting up LOFT emails and Google Classroom through guided instruction

When will we reopen our doors?

Our facility will be ready to open our doors safely, with attention paid to the latest scientifically backed research available, when it is prudent to do so.

The LOFT was in the process of implementing Google Classroom before the virus hit, which allowed us to seamlessly integrate our online learning experience once state-imposed restrictions became a reality.