Our LOFTY Goals

Inspire students to reach higher.

Our lofty goals are aligned with the values of critical thinking, creativity, empathy, connection, autonomy, and collaboration. Success in today’s global world requires a new direction in education. Our goals are to provide the essential questions to tomorrows leaders.

Our LOFTY Philosophy

A community for curious minds.

At The LOFT we ignite a passion for education in the whole child through: project based learning, driving questions and self-direction. 


Customized not standardized

At the LOFT our programs are designed to be ‘hands-on’ and tailored around the unique gifts of your child. While we adhere to, and build upon the “3 R’s” we also firmly believe that 21st century learning is multi-disciplinary. Students thrive on self-directed learning, in which voice & choice plays an important role in their development.

What We Offer.

At The LOFT, students are given the best tools to acquire knowledge at their own pace and the space to explore their interests so they may develop as learners, thinkers and productive individuals.

Labs and Workshops

Middle School Cohort

One-To-One Instruction

Holiday Camps

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