After-School Club

The club is set up to provide parents an alternative place for children to socialize as you finish up a day at work.
We provide ‘clubbers’ with a unique setting that has everything they need to be creative after-school

‘The Club’ Creed

Hang out after-school at 'The Club'

The LOFT offers an After-School Club Monday – Friday from 3:30- 5:45 pm. At ‘The Club’ the child is provided space to self-direct their activity.  They may choose to have quiet time reading a book, socialize, create something in makers-space, write a song with the keyboard, play a board game with others, join in a facilitated activity. The space is there to let it all unfold with their imagination and creativity.

The Club is a fun space for kids to build their connections and friendships with their peers in a safe and empathetic environment. Engaging creatively and freely with other students is a valuable stage for kid’s development and The LOFT offers a social/exploratory setting where students are guided towards self-directed projects. We believe further exploration with group projects and activities will help students develop leadership and social skills.


Daily sessions are $25 with a weekly discounts of $125.

Bon Appetit

Bring a snack! Everyone feels a bit happier with food in their belly.  The LOFT has a full kitchen where kids are invited to prepare their own healthy snacks or enjoy food brought from home.

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Arts and Music

Arts, crafts and music to round out their day.  Imagine an afternoon filled with little Monets and Van Goghs creating works of art in our dedicated art room.  Perhaps they spend time listening to music or writing a song on the keyboard in the music room.